Servants of God

Church Staff

Rev. Je M. Lee is the pastor. As a Native Korean, he speaks Korean, Japanese, and English.

Ms. Gretel Magnuson is the church office manager. For all inquiries (except Preschool), she can redirect them.

Mr. Neal Crouse

Mr. Neal Crouse is the financial administrator as well as in charge of all the IT and computer technology at church building.

Mrs. Lori Lowe is the director of the Presbyterian Preschool (PPM).

Mrs. Lisa Hutcheson

Mrs. Lisa Hutcheson is the Worship Coordinator, compiling all the elements of Worship together.

Mrs. Leanne Piper

Mrs. Leanne Piper is the sound and video board operator for the worship service, making sure that all things are timely and perfect.

Ms. Ruth Deem

Ms Ruth Deem is the custodian, ensuring that the church building is clean and hygiene for church members and for all the kids in the Preschool.

Mrs. Debbie Goodnight

Mrs. Debbie Goodnight is the church treasurer.

Mrs. Phyllis Duff

Mrs. Phyllis Duff is the Prayer Chain Coordinator.

Mrs. Kendra Whipkey

Mrs. Kendra Whipkey is the Presbyterian Ringers Coordinator. Some people may call it a Bell Choir.

Elders in the Session (2023)

The session is the church council in the Presbyterian churches, having the highest authority within the church, but under the authority of the Presbytery where it belongs. The session alone can decide any and everything within the church, not the pastor. The pastor moderates the session meeting without a vote unless something is tie. The elder is in Greek word, "Presbyterian." And thus the Presbyterian Church indicates that the church is ruled by the elders in the session.

Clerk of Session: Mrs. Arlene Quinn, ruling elder.

Moderator: Rev. Je M. Lee, teaching elder.

Members in the session: