Photos, more Photos

April and May, 2024. Don Sanders and Barbara Belt worked on renovating the church gardens around the church building as well as the Presby Park. With their loving and caring touch, the gardens look much better now.

Saturday, April 27th. Wonderful Presbyterians gathered and packed many baby packs which includes all kinds of hygienic items. These packs will be shipped to Malawi where so many newborns and mothers die because of unsanitary environment and lack of healthcare. One pack can save the lives of one baby and its mother.

Friday, April 26th. April Gourmet Seekers met at the Stookey's in Thorntown.

Sunday, April 21st. On PPM Sunday, we happily and joyously worshipped our loving God and Saviour together with the PPM children.

Annual Meeting & Luncheon

Sunday, April 14th. After the worship service, we had our second quarterly luncheon and the annual meeting together. The fried chickens were from Kroger. Members provided appetisers and desserts.

Sunday, March 31st. After the Easter Sunday Morning Worship Service, there was an Easter Egg Hunt for the church kids in the afternoon at the church library and at the fellowship hall.

Sunday, March 31st. On this happy Easter morning, our worship service featured with many special songs and children's story. The sanctuary was beautiful and full.

Sunday, March 31st. On the morning of the Easter Sunday, we had the Son-Rise Worship Service (in the fellowship hall due to weather). After the worship service, we had breakfast and had the Easter themed craft with doughnuts.

Friday, March 29th. During the season of Lent, we wrote down our burdens and obstables and post them on the cross. On this good Friday when Jesus died, we burt those burdens and obstacles in the garden.

Thursday, March 28th. On this Maundy Thursday when Jesus had His last supper with His disciples, we had the Maundy Thursday Dinner in American style, that is with baked potatoes and grape juice.

Sunday, March 24th. On this Palm Sunday, the sanctuary was decorated with palm branches, and also two palm trees.

Wednesday, March 6th. During the Lenten Wednesdays, the good Christians come together, eat together, and worship together. We hosted the soup & supper on March 6th.

Saturday, March 2nd. After the renewal of the church library furniture, we got 20+ old chairs which we would not use any longer. Two of them were donated to the Home Instead in Lebanon, and all others were donated to the Malawi project to be shipped to Malawi in Africa.

Saturday, February 17th. Margi McConnaha worked hard for a long time to renew the furniture in the church library. New couches were furnished first, and the new comfortable (padded back and seat) chairs completed the renewal of the church library.

Sunday, February 11th. On the Sunday before the Valentine's Day, we celebrated the love of both divine and human. Heart shaped chocolates with God's love letter were distributed to the members (and were home-delivered to the members with mobility issues). We also celebrated it with our first quarterly communal luncheon in the fellowship hall followed by the worship service.

Sunday, January 7th. On the Epiphany Sunday or the Star Sunday, the stars were distributed to the members with a guiding words on the back. Each members can be guided with that guiding words for this year of 2024 with prayers and dedication.