Photos of 2022

Four Advent Sundays. The Advent Sundays were full of music and beautiful decorations.

Four Advent Sundays. The Advent Candles were lit by the volunteers. The Advent Bells were rung by Josh Kern.

Sunday, December 11th, 3PM. The First Presbyterian Church and the Central Christian Church had joint Christmas Festival at Central Christian Church.

Sunday, November 20th. Pastor Je fixed the two turkeys with bacons before the worship service, and the turkeys were ready right after the worship service. Everyone brought their own food to share.

Sunday, November 13th. On this Veterans Sunday, we recognised and honour our proud veterans for their service, dedication, and sacrifice.

Sunday, October 30th. Luna Jayne Nunley, daughter of Echo & Ryan Nunley was baptised. Because of the COVID, this cute little girl had to wait for two years! Now she is proudly the youngest Presbyterian in the church.

Saturday, October 29th. 4:30-9PM. The Community Treat-or-Trick, Mischief on Meridian, was at the city square. We were part of it!

Sunday, October 9th. 4PM. Pastor Je was installed by the Presbytery of Wabash Valley. Beside the commission, special guests were: Rev. Luke Choi (preaching), Dr. Ken Sawyer (charge to the pastor), Rev. CHongdae Lee (scripture reading).

Sunday, August 28th. Second Sunday of pastor Je's vacation was the Hymn Sunday. The sanctuary was filled with lovely and awesome music of instruments and voices of praise. Thank you Gretel for the beautiful song. Thank you Bud for the lovely Organ music. Thank you Jennie for the inspirational and yet fun leading of the worship.

Sunday, August 21st. During Pastor Je's vacation, the wonderful students at our church led the worship service. The beautiful music led us into the worship in Spirit and in Truth. The inspiring message guided us to the deeper exploration of God's mystery. Many thanks to our wonderful students.

Sunday, June 26th. First Presbyterian Church and Central Christian Church worshipped God together in the Memorial Park, celebrating the Independence Day earlier and remembering that we are all one family in the house of God and one body in the Lord Jesus.

Korean War Veteran

Friday, June 24th. Pastor Je had a lunch together with the Korean War Veterans to honour and thank them in a Korean Restaurant in North West Indianapolis.

Sunday, June 12th. First Presbyterian Church in Lebanon celebrated the graduating students for their achievements and blessed them for their new chapter in life.

Sunday, June 5th. Pastor Je began his ministry at First Presbyterian Church in Lebanon, IN.